One of the main criteria for a healthy and successful business is the ability to attract the right employees. With a growing economy it is time to think long term and to invest in the future’s short supply - young talents!

We specialize in the recruitment of recent graduates and students, and our mission is to help students find the right job. We recruit talents for all industries and all types of positions. Our contacts are diverse, and our goal is to find the best match between the company and the talent

TALENT-TEAM is a division of TEMP-TEAM, who has served its clients for 40 years and is an active member of the association for Temporary Workers. This ensures quality and consistency with every placement we make. Therefore, we dare to guarantee our services. We can be your unique partner in attracting the right staff from the university or among recent graduates. We work daily with talented, motivated, young people with a heavy theoretical foundation who are ready to try their hand at business.

Take advantage of our strong network

TALENT-TEAM uses alternative channels in finding the right candidate as all our agents have a close connection to the university. Therefore, we can search for the one candidate that best suits your company via ambassadors and student and talent network. We build our network using these common goals:

  • Ensuring our customers the best talents
  • Offering exciting and stimulating work for students
  • Offering labor market flexibility and mobility​

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