More than 40 years in the recruitment business, TEMP-TEAMs history is successful. Having opened the first TEMP-TEAM office in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1979, Erik Dyrmann Juhler is still CEO of the Group, which today is present in six countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK and SIngapore. 

Organic growth
TEMP-TEAM has expanded through organic growth, having made very few acquisitions. Indeed new offices have often been opened to accommodate exceptional employees, ensuring that our organisation is always able to offer fantastic opportunities and new challenges that consistently motivate our high achievers to develop as far as possible. 

TEMP-TEAM family
Our staff is highly trained and motivated, and most employees within the business have met Erik Dyrmann Juhler, Group CEO. They understand his vision, his philosophy and the culture he has created within TEMP-TEAM. 

We know what we’re doing